Sunday, August 10, 2008


Two cats from August 2008, including my first lying-down one! The sitting cat is 8 inches high.

Here I am outside "Shaws" of Neath the other day with some of the 'Peony' yarn, which is amazingly cheap at only 99 pence a ball! It's the nicest and softest I have used so far and interesting too, with the little flecks of contrasting colour.

A lovely peony flower


klaus4044 said...

Liebe Jane,
I read now all your comments and pictures (translated by Bable fish)
all your cats are so very cute, and the last peony flower (Pfingstrose) ist Spitze!!!

Gaston said...

What a nice work you do, i love your cats, greetings miauuuu

Jane said...

Thank you Klaus and Gaston! Purrrrrrrr!