Sunday, September 21, 2008

Borage 2

My first curled up cat! Not a perfect design but I know what to alter the next time I try it.

Close-up of the face

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Misty, Katy, Rosie, Poppy and Fuzzy!

I was so thrilled today to receive this lovely photo of Rosie, Poppy and Fuzzy in their new home in Edinburgh, looking out over the wonderful view towards Arthur's Seat, and being watched over by Misty - one of the two other beautiful cats in the house!

(For those who are interested in learning more about Arthur's Seat please click here! )

A lovely photo of Misty in the garden - what a sweetie!

...and here is the other gorgeous cat who lives in the same house : Katy!

Sweet Cicely

September 2008: Two 'firsts' for this 8 inch high green and white cat, made with my favourite yarn! First of all, the only cat I've made with eyebrows - an addition suggested by my friend, Ann - and, secondly, the front paws are chunkier. I think both are an improvement - I'd be interested to hear any opinions. Also, having made several cats recently with a rather sad and wistful expression, I decided on a happier face for this one!

A close-up to show the eyebrows. The whiskers have practically disappeared into the yellow background!

The yarn which I used for this cat

Sweet cicely flowers

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This time a pale purple one, just over 7 inches high, September 2008.
How I love this yarn (must get down to Shaws and buy some more before it's all gone)!

Close up of a ball of this lovely silky yarn

Pretty Columbine flowers