Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My latest blue-and-a-contrasting-colour cat! 8 inches high, August 2008. I might replace these photos with better ones soon as the blue has come out a little dark, also the whiskers don't show up too well (if you click on the photos to enlarge them you can see them better). I wish I could find something else to use other than this opaque 0.3mm nylon thread. It sews in easily but doesn't show up clearly - and gets bent if I'm not very careful, especially when storing the cats. Suggestions anyone?


A few days ago: the body in progress on the sofa...

...and a couple of days later, nearly finished!

Borage flower


Gaston said...

Hi Jane,
What a beautiful color the borage flower has and your cat looks very nice ^_^ I hope you find a solution for the whiskers.. maybe if you get thicker whiskers as mine, they are definitely more than 0.3mm u_u
Have a nice weekend!
Gastón puuurrrr

Jane said...

Thank you Gaston - hope you also have a happy weekend purring in your nice green garden!

Gaston is back! muahahahaha said...

Hi Jane,
I've moved recently to a new blog because I had some technical problems U_U
Just click on "Gaston is back muahahaha" and you will go directly to my new blog ^_^
Gaston puuuurrrrr

Award said...

Dear Jane,
You are so sweet with all the comments that you leave in my blog. I'm glad you have added my photo banner to your page, puurrr!
I love your blog too, you do a wonderful job ^_^
I send you an award that I hope you will add to your sidebar!
Have a nice weekend!
PS: Click on Award ^_^