Sunday, April 25, 2010

Five Kittens

My latest five cats, all kittens this time (around three and a half inches high) with various types of eyes and whiskers. They will join the others in Swansea and wait to be sold (hopefully) on the stall at the Gower Show on the 2nd August!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Peony and Leo

Peony in her new home with gorgeous Leo!

Swansea Cats Protection 2

Two of the cats outside their new (temporary) home!

..and indoors with beautiful Pingpong

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Swansea Cats Protection

A decision at last!!!

After months of soul searching about what to do with my crochet cat family - should I sell them on the internet or should I give them to charity? - I finally made a decision: to donate them to my local Swansea Cats Protection branch to sell on their stalls at events in the area over the coming months, and in their shop in the city - see this link. Hopefully you may see some of my cats here at some point.

Although really very sad to see all my cats leaving me yesterday (including many I never put on this blog), at least they (and a large box I included of beautiful cat ornaments in glass, silver, china and wood which I had collected over many years) will help to raise money for the much-needed Swansea and District Cats Protection funds. I have been assured that a photo or two will be sent to me soon showing some of the cats for sale, so I will add them to a new blog here, and also give details then of a great cattery and cat and dog grooming service for people in this area.

More as soon as I receive the photos!!