Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Hooks

Until very recently, and for almost 40 years (impossible!!), I crocheted using the hooks from this case.

It's a bit worse-for-wear now, and some of the hooks are missing, but I'll never get rid of it because my mother gave it to me. However, just a few weeks ago I decided to invest in some new hooks as I'd read about some of the lovely new coloured ones.

First of all I bought these (above) from Ebay: Susan Bates Crystalites - translucent acrylic crochet hooks. I love them - they are really lightweight and the colours are so pretty. They remind me of boiled sweets! They were so cheap too - an unbelievable £3.72 including the postage from America!!! (US $7.15)

I also decided to buy some (probably more durable) aluminium hooks. I couldn't find a set of coloured ones on Ebay, so I bought these from KCG Trading Limited, the trading company of the Knitting & Crochet Guild in the UK. These Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hooks were nearly £10 (including postage) and excellent quality. I'm really thrilled with them; indeed both sets, and am now a fan of the Susan Bates hooks! I've only used one acrylic hook and two aluminium ones so far - but give me time...!!

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Melinda Bogert said...

How amazing that you have crocheted for all those years with your mum's hooks! Have you heard of wooden ones? I hear they are smoothe! I use the aluminum ones myself, very colorful and smoothe. Have never tried making anything as unusual as your cats! I am terrible with clothes items, too. Love to make quilts but I can't read a pattern! So, I guess that makes me really a clutz!