Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've made two black cats called Lucky so far. This is the first one created in May 2008; 6 inches high; the first one of my cats to have a crocheted nose rather than a felt or an embroidered one. Since then I have made them all with crocheted noses as they seem to look better!

'Lucky 2'; 6 inches high; created in July 2008. I am beginning to make many of my cats with this 'wistful' mouth as I think it looks a lot better than the 'smiling' one. ('Lucky 2' has now gone to live happily in Edinburgh, along with Rosie, Poppy, Fuzzy and Speedwell!)


Melinda Bogert said...

I don't exactly know where the black cats fit in with the timeline of your talent in creating crocheted cats, but they are getting even better with each one I view! Your art is excelling the more you make, I think. Love the crocheted noses! Whiskers are so real looking! Do you still make them?

Jane said...

Many thanks for all your kind comments on my crocheted cats Melinda, much appreciated!! No, I don't make them any more but I could do nothing else for 12 months, talk about an addiction!!!