Monday, February 23, 2009

Four Move House!

Yesterday, I was delighted to see four cats go off to live with Frances and Catherine in their lovely home in Thornbury, near Bristol.
Here they are below with various other feline friends!

Borage, Speedwell, Clover Kitten and Mum Clover posing with Arthur, Anthony and Wagstaff!

Here's Speedwell with the sleeping George...

...and then all of them creeping up on him!

"Wake up and play!"

All photos taken by Catherine - thank you!


Shay Jacobson said...

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Agent Oreo said...

adorable! your crocheted kittens are amazing - you're so talented! i've just started crocheting and i'm pretty awful at it, haha.

love the site!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these cats!!! Will you share where you got the patterns please???

Noreen in the USA

Jane said...

Hi Noreen,
Thank you so much! If you send your email address to I'll send you my patterns. I made them up as I went along and it's only a rough guide really, but I'm happy to share them with you on condition that you don't publish them on the internet!
Best wishes, Jane

Jane said...

Thanks to Agent Oreo too - you're very kind! I'm often awful at crocheting too - waistcoats, slippers and other clothes are always a disaster!! The cats have been lucky (though they didn't all turn out well!!) Crochet is only practise, like everything else, so keep going! It's a matter of finding the 'right thing' to crochet, like me with the cats. Good luck!!
All best wishes, Jane

feline said...

That was wonderful creative of Kittens.Thanks for sharing.

Melinda Bogert said...

That was so funny that the cat "herd" was "Creeping up on" George! I can see that the bigger kitties you crocheted seem to be even better than the smaller ones. Did you make those later on, the bigger ones, I mean. You are so amazing, Jane. Is there anything you can't do? You are like me, making up your patterns, but I am so terrible really. You could sell those, you know, the patterns?

Jane said...

Thank you Melinda! Yes, I started with small cats but every one I made was bigger than the last. I ended up with huge ones!!